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HASLE Refractories inaugurates subsidiary in India

HASLE Refractories India Pvt Ltd

HASLE Refractories A/S, a centuries-old Denmark based private limited company engaged in supply of various types of monolithic refractories, has recently inaugurated its subsidiary in Hyderabad, India.

According to the source, the Indian subsidiary will be called by HASLE Refractories India Pvt Ltd. Mr Harpreet Singh the former agent for HASLE Refractories in India, has been designated as group senior advisor with special tasks in the Middle East.

Owner of HASLE Refractories Mr Michael Bladt, Denmark, was present in Hyderabad during the inauguration and expressed his sincere gratitude about the trust shown to HASLE Refractories resulting in the significant growth that HASLE has experienced in the Indian Refractories market over the last 20 years [see article: Indian Refractory Industry in 2010: A Chronology of its Development and Opportunities in Hand]. HASLE Refractories is supplying high quality low cement castables, and pre-cast lining solutions across India, Europe, Middle East, America, Asia and Australia.

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